Life After Death

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Life After Death


.It’s our own choice to choose and select what we want in our eternal life


Are We Scared of: Poverty, diseases, Boredom, fat body, ugly shape, ugly body, disabled body, Bad habits, Bad Behavior, Bad Attitudes,  old age,  Hunger, Death, Any type of fears, pains, scaring, fatigue lack of peace of min, Feeble old age ,,

؟We have every thing we want but scare to lose it all or some

?various fears



?Is there any hope? any solution? Where is the solution

The One who put us here in this world should have the solution.

. He is really have the solution

? He created us to comfort us. But how

.You should Ask How? It’s your own benefit

.Islam is the only Solution

!!!To know

?We should know why you are on this earth

?Why we are exist

?what is the purpose of our life

.If you know? All our fears will go away, and we will win  the all good

.We will win this life and the other life after death and live peacefully internally and externally

 .It’s our own choice to choose and select what we want

.Its our own eternal happeniss Or its our own eternal punishment




Listen and understand the purpose of life 10 min



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